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Yuvarlatılmış Dikdörtgen: 	METU Ice Sports Society (BST) is a student club, which is active in ice hockey, ice skating, figure skating, roller skating and in-line hockey. It is one of the youngest student clubs of Middle East Technical University, the most prestigious college of Turkey. METU Ice Sports Society has become the first student club of Turkey to be engaged in ice sports. Forming the first university ice hockey teams of Turkey, it has opened a new period in the ice sports history of Turkey.

All responsibilities in our society, from management to coaching or being the player of the hockey teams, are taken by only the volunteer students of Middle East Technical University. The general aim of our society is contributing the development of ice sports in Turkey; familiarize these sports among METU students, graduates, members and Turkish nation, and teaching as many as people skating.

	Ice sports is not developed and supported in Turkey so far, mainly, due to financial problems. In this manner, METU Ice Sports Society has brought a new concept to the ice sports. With the advance of the first university ice sports student club, other universities in Turkey started paying more and closer attention to ice sports. Eventually, new university student clubs and ice hockey teams have been formed.

	METU Men and Women Ice Hockey Teams are the first university ice hockey teams of Turkey. Our teams, all of whose players are the students of METU, are competing in national hockey leagues of Turkey. METU Men Ice Hockey Team is in Turkish Men Ice Hockey 1st League, and METU Women Ice Hockey Team is competing in Turkish Women Ice Hockey League. Men team succeeded in 2006-2007 season in qualifying for the season play-offs although it is the first season of our team, formed just a year ago. Similarly, METU Women Ice Hockey Team has got the 3rd place in the final ranking of the first season in women’s ice hockey in Turkey. Proudly, 2 players from our women ice hockey team, namely Ayşe Nazar Çoban and Emine Kübra Özer, have been chosen for the roster of Turkey National Team in 2008.METU Women Ice Hockey Team is one of the biggest nominees for league championship. In 2008, METU Ice Sports Society has formed the junior hockey team from 6-10 year old children and started coaching children to create the ice hockey players of future. METU Ice Sports Society and Ice Hockey Teams are aiming at preserving the pioneer image of METU in Turkish ice sports.
	METU Ice Sports Society is, at the same time, is organizing ice skating and ice hockey lessons for both adults and children under the governance of METU Office of Sport and METU Sport Club. In this manner, ice skating lessons for adults and METU students are organized every month, and ice skating and ice hockey lessons for 4-14 year old children are organized throughout the year. METU Ice Sports Society, which will start roller skating lessons soon, aims at attracting attention to this sport by organizing a roller skating festival on METU Campus.
	METU Ice Sports Society will be continuing its studies to reach its objectives, which are contributing to the development of Turkish ice sports, acquiring successes with ice hockey teams and introducing ice sports to as many people as possible.
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